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Minecraft Python Modding Files

As promised, here are the files so that you can do your own Minecraft Python Modding at home! You can download the files here:

And here are the instructions in case you need a refresher:

Everything is setup to run out of the MC folder just like it was in the Dojo.

1 **********  Server  ************

Uses CanaryMod Minecraft server –
The server is in MC\server\Canarymod
Currently setup for 1.7.10

Start server first using MC\minecraft_server.bat
press enter when prompted.
It takes a few seconds to startup so be patient.  When it is started there will be a > prompt.  At this point just minimize it.  There is no need to interact with it any more until you shut it down.

To shut it down Hold down CTRL and press the C key in the window with the server running.

NOTE: The server must be running to connect MineCraft.

2 **********  MineCraft ************

Start Minecraft using MC\minecraft_client.bat
Login with your minecraft account
you should see the MCPI profile selected.  If not make sure you use VERSION 1.7.10 of minecraft.
Click play to start the game and select a multi-player game.
Do a direct connect to server name localhost (this means your computer)  The server we just started will connect to your minecraft game.

3 ***********  Python  *************

MOST IMPORTANT: Use the portable python version in the MC\Python2.7.6.1 folder or these programs will not run properly

Start IDLE-Portable.exe in MC\Python2.7.6.1\
You must OPEN the files in IDLE FIRST, then run them from within IDLE
Click the FILE menu and select the OPEN opion.  Open from MC\MyCode\
Run the module from IDLE by clicking the RUN menu and then selecting the RUN MODULE option.

You should see the message Hello MineCraft World! in the chat within Minecraft

Once this is working you are free to hack away.