Social Coding Lesson and Challenge

Here is a recap of how to get started with social coding by copying one of our FredXCoders repos:

  1. Go to and create an account. Choose the free option.
  2. Go to the FredXCoders/WebProject here repository and click “Fork” in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Download the Git GUI (windows and mac). Login with your GitHub account.
  4. In the Git GUI you should see the {Your_GitHub_Username}/WebProject in the main panel. Select it and click “Clone” next to the title.
  5. Double click the {Your_GitHub_Username}/WebProject repo to step into it. In the top right corner you’ll see a gear. Click on it and click the link to “Open in Explorer”. This will take you to your local copy of the repo.
  6. Go into the “firstwebsite” folder. Open the file “firstwebsite.html” to checkout the website. For best results use Firefox (or IE if you have to).
  7. Now open the file “info.json”. Replace “{INSERT_FIRST_NAME_HERE}” with your first name and save your changes. Re-open/refresh “firstwebsite.html” to test your changes.
  8. If your name shows up go ahead and commit your changes. Go back to the Git GUI and you should see a message in the upper left which mentions “Uncommitted Changes”. Add a nice message like “Personalized my page” in the “Summary” field and click “Commit to master”.
  9. Next to {Your_GitHub_Username}/WebProject you should now see an option to “Sync”. Click this to push your local changes back up to your GitHub repo.
  10. That’s it! You can verify your changes made it back up to your repo by going to your account on GitHub and seeing that “info.json” was updated and has your name on it.

Our website is a bit bland so I invite you all to help spruce it up! Make some changes to firstwebsite.html, firstwebsite.js, and/or firstwebsite.css, test them and submit a pull request. I’ll leave a comment if we get some cool changes and you can re-sync and see what other people have added!