Setting up Minecraft Mod Development (Updated)

Below are the instructions for setting up minecraft using the 1.7.10 version of Forge on a Windows computer, now with a one click forge/eclipse setup process!


  1. Go here to get the Java Development Kit.
  2. Click the button to ”¬†Accept License Agreement”.
  3. Find this link and download: jdk-7u65-windows-i586.exe (the version may be higher than u65 which is ok as long as it is jdk7 and not jdk8)
  4. Open the download and install it.

Alternative JDK here:


  1. Get the eclipse/forge installation file here.
  2. Extract this on to your desktop.
  3. Go into the “dev” folder. (Depending on how you extracted it there may be another “dev” folder. Go into that one if there is).
  4. Double click on the file “oneTimeSetup.bat” file. This will run your forge installation. You should see a window pop up which has a variety of messages. This process can take up to half an hour depending on your internet connection.
  5. When the first part is done you should see a message saying “BUILD SUCCESSFUL” and “Press any key to continue”. Hit enter and Eclipse will start up.
  6. When eclipse loads click the green “play” icon in the upper left which says “Run Client” when you hover over it. This will start up minecraft with our mod loaded on it.
  7. The next time you want to run Eclipse use the “startEclipse.bat” file in this folder. You won’t need to run “oneTimeSetup.bat” again.

That’s it! Hopefully the one step forge/eclipse installation will help remove issues people encountered in the past. Please leave a comment below if you encounter any issues. Once you have Minecraft loaded be sure to check out some of the previous Minecraft posts to get up to speed with our mod:

Minecraft Recipes | Player/World Manipulation | Ore Generation

Be sure to also check out the GitHub tutorial here to learn more about the social coding aspect of development.

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