Next Event: Now with Hacker Session

For our next event we’re going to add a new element: hacker sessions. We’re going to give a chunk of time for students to collaborate freely on their own projects. This can be game development with Scratch, website development with HTML, Minecraft Mod development, hardware, or something else. It’s up to you!

Maybe you have a great idea for a game but don’t know how to program it. Or perhaps you’re just interested in trying out a new programming language. Maybe you want to take apart some computer hardware to learn how it works (we’ll bring some). Maybe you’ve got an artistic spurt and would like to help design images for a project. Whatever your ideas this will be the time to explore them in a start-up like atmosphere. Teams will be self-organizing so no pressure to work on something you don’t want to. Hack it together and make it work!

If you have your own laptop go ahead and bring it. If not that’s no worries! You can find a group to work with or work on a hardware activity. Mentors will be floating around to help

Note: If interested in Minecraft Development for this portion of the event check out this new post for install instructions and be sure to setup before coming to the event as it can take some time.