FredXCoders at the England Run Library

A big thanks to the England Run Library for hosting us during our week long coding event teaching Java through Greenfoot and Minecraft modding. Special thanks to Joy McIntire for organizing the event and securing all the laptops we used. Here is a breakdown of the lessons we did:

  1. Intros
    1. Java
      1. Programming language which has rules like what we see in English
      2. Parts of java:
        1. Objects are things
        2. Variables hold information
        3. Methods do stuff
    2. Greenfoot Intro
      1. Badgers
      2. Lunar Lander
      3. Baloons
    3. Minecraft Intro (Instructions)
  2. Boolean Logic
    1. Learn about the uses of AND (&&), OR (||), and NOT(!)
    2. Greenfoot
      1. Fix TicTacToe
      2. Simple Game
    3. Minecraft
      1. Changing what happens when a block is broken/clicked
  3. Familiarization with Java
    1. Greenfoot
      1. Water Works
      2. Tower Defense
      3. Marbled
    2. Minecraft
      1. Throwing players in the air
  4. More Minecraft
    1. Block Recipes
    2. Networking: who wins when server and client are both different code?