Who am I?

Devon, a maker of things, teacher of students, leader of self.

I am a father to an 8 year old member of this dojo. We started this dojo effort to try and find other people that share common interests in making things, coding, Minecraft (probably should be listed 1st), etc..

Professionally, I am an entrepreneur. Along with my wife Melora, we have been doing educational toy development for the past 8 years, marketing and selling through specialty and mass-market retail partners globally. Additionally, we run a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit that develops both entrepreneurial and ed-tech (STEAM) learning opportunities, products, and services called NoizIvy.org. This organization is sponsoring this dojo, and helping to secure resources and relationships to get it growing.

My goal here is simple; I want to find students and parents that are motivated to learn about coding and making things driven by their own interests, and I want to find mentors and teachers that would benefit from the opportunity to practice delivering advanced instruction in a cutting-edge way.

We are all about failure in this dojo; we want to fail fast, fail often, and most importantly, fail forward.