Setup – Get Your Machine Code-Ready

We have refactored our instructions and have produced a much simpler way for obtaining all the software. Just download the appropriate .zip file for your computer: Windows or Mac.

============== Old Install Instructions ==============

In advance of showing up for our next Coder Dojo event on Saturday June 1st (or any future event), the following is a list of tools that you will need on your laptop to be ready to code when you arrive. Complete these steps ahead of time, as Internet access is not guaranteed on site. The following are $FREE$/open source tools:

Learning HTML/CSS/Javascript – Introduction to Web Coding

1. Download Notepad++ for PC (, or TextEdit for Mac (

2. Download FileZilla ( (All Platforms)

Learning Java – Introduction to Minecraft Mod-making

First, identify whether you are running a 32 bit (x86) or 64 bit (x64) operating system on your machine. To figure this out, click the windows button on your task bar or keyboard, right-click on ‘computer’ and choose ‘properties’ and the information will be displayed. Then download the correct files below for your os:

1. Download Java Runtime Environment (JRE) (

2. Follow these instructions for Java Development Kit (JDK), the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) called Eclipse, and a plugin called EGit:  (

3. Follow these instructions to download Forge, a package that allows you to rebuild any and all parts of Minecraft as you wish:

Learning Game Making – Introduction to Object Oriented Programming

1. Download Scratch (

2. Download GameMaker Studio (


1. Download BASIC-256 (

Content Mapping

1. Download CmapTools (

(Optional) Learning 3D Printing – Introduction to CAD Design

1. 3D Tin ( (In Browser)

2. Sketchup ( + Bonus Tutorial (

3. TinkerCAD (

4. Autodesk 123D (

5. Makerware beta (

6. Bonus: Lesson Plan – PrintCraft – 3D printing multi-player Minecraft server (

(Optional) Screen Recording Software

1. Cam Studio (


5 thoughts on “Setup – Get Your Machine Code-Ready

  1. Denny Hatton

    Having problems downloading Eclipse and basic 256. My son is 7. Is the dojo tomorrow going to be too advanced? Thx

    1. Elliott

      Hey Denny, Looking forward to seeing you both tomorrow! I’ll be there extra early (at least 20 minutes) to help people troubleshoot and we will also have a flash drive for everyone with all the necessary software on it (except for Java) which should allow for quick setup. If you have a specific question about the installation of Eclipse I can try and help you here or we can troubleshoot tomorrow.

      We’ll be covering a number of different topics while keeping in mind the wide range in ages. Some topics may be more interesting to your son than others but I think he should definitely be able to get a lot out of it.

  2. Denny Hatton

    Thanks. I’ll do my best tonight and then we can troubleshoot in person tomorrow before the class starts. Jake is really looking fwd to it, especially installing minecraft mods.

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