Our curriculum is currently in development so as we refine older lessons and create new ones we'll update this page.

Get Started Coding Introduction to Computational Problem Solving using Scratch

  • Lesson 1: Tool Intro + Motivation
    • powerpoint slides
    • screen shot video explaining "computational problem solving"
    • "Fail Forward"
  • Lesson 2: Lets Make a Maze Game
    • Motivation - what kind of game you want to make = what kind of problems you want to solve.
    • Goal = Create Level 1 Maze (Fail/Succeed Test)
    • Create Main Character Sprite - paint editor OR pre-loaded files
    • Controlled Movements - mapping character movements to keyboard controls - XY coordinate mapping
    • Create Level 1 Maze Design - stage paint editor (Fail Forward)
    • Environmental Sensing - coded interaction with maze walls + gaming consequences
    • Autonomous Movements - computer controlled enemy + gaming consequences
    • Level 1 Goal Sprite - Using "Broadcast" block to add coded interactions between game play sprites, backgrounds and objectives.
    • Level up! - success display + code cleanup
    • Add Level 2 ++
  • Lesson 3: Creating PVP Firing Code
  • Lesson 4: Character Animations
  • Lesson 5: Minecraft Block Breaker Code (keyboard version)
  • Lesson 5a: (picoboard version)
  • Lesson 6: Scratch + MaKey MaKey Hack
  • Lesson 7: Code a "Choose Your Own Adventure" Interactive Storybook

Minecraft Mods Language Literacy - Java

Hardware The Physical Parts which Compliment our Digital Bits

Program the Web Language Literacy - HTML, Javascript, JQuery, etc

  • Lesson One: Server Build - Software

Python Language Literacy

Python tool download

Github Social Coding

GitHub Windows download
GitHub Mac download
Git-scm download